Physical Silver: Industrial Use is Growing Imagine a day without silver—it's impossible! From the smartphone in your hand, the electric car on the street, to the solar panels atop buildings, silver is a constant, albeit invisible, companion in our daily lives. Silver is unparalleled in its uses. It's the champion of electrical conductivity, mastery in thermal conductivity, and the gold standard in reflectivity. Without silver, our modern life would grind to a halt." This incredible metal isn't just versatile; it's increasingly in demand, with over half of its usage dedicated to industrial applications. The appetite for silver across various sectors isn’t just growing—it’s surging. Let's delve deeper into how silver powers our world:

- Consider the humble cell phone: each one packs about one-third of a gram of silver. Between 2017 and 2019 alone, Gartner reports that 5.75 billion cell phones were snapped up globally. Quick math tells us that's a staggering 1.916 billion grams, or 57.49 million ounces, of silver, just to let us swipe, tap, and call. - Shift gears to electric vehicles (EVs), which consume 25-50 grams of silver each, dwarfing the amount used in traditional vehicles. With the surge in EV popularity, the Silver Institute anticipates automotive demands will race into second place for silver consumption by 2024.

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