$5 Liberty Half Eagle The $5 gold Liberty Head Half Eagle was also designed by Christian Gobrecht. The $5 Liberty was minted until 1907 when the $5 Indian Head coin was introduced and replaced the Liberty Half Eagle Face Value: $5.00 Minted: 1839-1908

$2.5 Liberty The Classic Liberty $2.5 Gold Coin, otherwise referred to as the Classic Head Quarter Eagle, is a gold coin that was produced by the U.S. Mint from 1840 to 1907. Created by Christian Gobrecht, the Liberty Quar ter Eagle’s design remained unchanged for 67 years, longer than any other design in the history of American gold coins. These coins are a desirable addition to any investment portfolio or numismatic collec tion because of their age and history. Face Value: $2.50 Minted: 1840-1907

$20 Saint Goudens There is little debate that the $20 Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle is the most iconic coin in American history. When President Theodore Roosevelt wanted to revive gold coin design in America, he turned to Augustus Saint-Gaudens to get the job done. The obverse features Lady Liberty striding in front of the sun’s rays at the dawn of a new day. Her right hand holds aloft a torch, and in her left is an olive branch. The United States Capitol is visible in the lower left of the background, and stars representing the number of states in the Union run along the coin’s border. The reverse depicts an American eagle soaring above a blazing sun. The Saint Gaudens were only produced in 1 oz from 1907 to 1933. Face Value: $20.00 Minted: 1907-1933

$10 Indian Head Initially released in 1908, the Indian Gold Eagle would be the third and final version of the $10 Gold Eagle Coin. It enjoyed a mintage of 25 years until 1933. The $10 Indian Gold Eagles are one of the most desirable coins to collectors and investors. The obverse of the $10 Indian Head Gold Eagle features Lady Liberty adorned in a full Indian war bonnet with feathers. Thirteen stars ring the top edge of the coin and the date is shown below. The reverse depicts a majestic perched eagle with “United States of America” above and “Ten Dollars” below. Face Value: $10.00 Minted: 1907 to 1933


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