5. **Commercial Real Estate and Zombie Corporation Defaults**: Default events in real estate and corporate sectors can destroy retirement investments. There is over $2 trillion in loans coming due in the next couple of years possibly causing a bank collapse or crisis. Precious metals diversify your portfolio, offering a stable store of value that retains its worth during economic distress. They provide privacy and security outside of traditional financial systems, ensuring your wealth is protected. 6. **High Interest Rates**: High-interest rates will make it harder to grow your savings in the bank and increase the cost of loans. For banks, this will lead to loan defaults, reduced profits, and even financial stress. In some cases, worried depositors will withdraw their money quickly, causing a "bank run." When banks face a combination of these challenges, it will lead to a banking crisis, potentially resulting in a bank collapse. Physical gold and silver are stable assets that preserve wealth, even in volatile markets. They offer a private and secure store of value that remains accessible regardless of interest rate fluctuations. 7. **Credit Card, Student Loans and Auto Loan Delinquencies and Defaults**: Mass delinquencies and defaults (trillions of dollars) will create financial stress on banks, possibly causing a bank crisis or accounts to be frozen. Physical precious metals provide a safe-haven, private, and secure form of wealth preservation during economic distress. They are not tied to the banking system and offer peace of mind in times of financial turmoil. 8. **Debanking**: Debanking is when banks stop or limit your access to your accounts because of your political or social views. Precious metals ensure your wealth remains under your control, preserving financial privacy and independence. Unlike traditional bank accounts, they are not subject to account freezes or intrusive actions. 9. **The Federal Reserve Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)**: A Federal Reserve CBDC will destroy your privacy by monitoring all your transactions openly. Digital IDs make it worse by linking personal information to financial actions, causing concerns about data security and personal freedom. Precious metals safeguard your wealth from potential account freezes or intrusive government oversight. They offer a secure and private means of wealth preservation. 10. **Oil Price Increases**: Saudi Arabia, Iran and UAE joining the BRICS nations mark a significant impact on global trade shifting away from the PetroDollar. Higher oil prices will strain your bank and retirement accounts by increasing daily expenses, contributing to inflation, affecting investment returns due to market volatility, influencing interest rates, and harming economic conditions and job stability. Gold and silver protect your money from higher oil prices by preserving its value during inflation, offering safety during economic uncertainty, and reducing risks from oil price swings and currency devaluation.

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