What are the Advantages of Buying Pre-1933 US Gold & Silver Coins Instead of Bullion? Pre-1933 US Gold & Silver Coins are some of the most recognizable and visually appealing coins of all time. Almost every coin has been minted nearly 100 years ago in Philadelphia, Denver, Carson City, New Orleans, and San Francisco mints. Every coin represents a small piece of history and shares a tiny glimpse of the past. Some examples of pre-1933 US gold coins include the $20 Double Eagle, the $10 Eagle, the $5 Half Eagle, the $2.50 Quarter Eagle, and the $1 Gold Dollar. Pre-1933 US silver coins include the Morgan Silver Dollar, the Peace Silver Dollar, the Seated Liberty Dollar, the Seated Liberty Half Dollar, the Walking Liberty Half Dollar, the Barber Half Dollar, the Standing Liberty Quarter, and the Barber Quarter. PRESERVATION: Pre-1933 U.S. Gold & Silver coins will never be minted again, so there are a set number of coins in circulation. This means the values of the coins not only adjust in correlation to spot price, but can also reflect a numismatic value. This acts as a natural hedge when the gold & silver market shows larger fluctuations. On the other hand, Bullion has a very low numismatic value, if any at all. Its premium also remains close to spot price. That may initially appear attractive as it gives the illusion of being more affordable, but it means that it is very volatile. With being tied so closely to spot price, any major fluctuation in the silver or gold market can dramatically impact the value. When the time comes to sell back or trade in these coins, they are often purchased close to or just under melt. Pre-1933 U.S. Gold & Silver coins are some of the most recognizable and visually appealing coins of all time, which makes them a highly liquid asset. This means that they can be easily sold or traded, often without needing to have the coin authenticated or appraised. In contrast, bullion may require more effort and expense to authenticate and sell, especially if they are not from a well-known and trusted mint. PRIVACY: Finding assets that offer privacy today can be a daunting task. All Pre-1933 U.S. Gold & Silver coins are a haven for those who value the benefits of asset privacy. Their status as a collectible allows for the purchase and sale without a Social Security number or the 1099-B reporting required by the IRS for their bullion counterpart. PROTECTION: Pre-1933 US gold and silver coins are shielded from confiscation under Executive Order 6102, Section 2B of 1933. But any coins bought after 1933 could be seized by the US government. Bullion coins and bars, newer issues, aren't safeguarded.

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