Global De-Dollarization Navigating Economic Chaos and Change

Summary: Undoubtedly, the phrases that once brought us comfort, like "savings accounts" and "retirement funds," now seem to echo in an alarmingly uncertain financial landscape. Let's not pretend that all is well in the field of global finance; we are facing an impending storm of a scale we've never experienced before. The amount of global reserves held in dollars has dropped from 73% in 2001 to just 58% in 2023. Also, 29% of the global economy is under sanctions, and 40% of the world's oil supply is likewise impacted. With 71 countries moving away from the dollar, it's obvious that the old financial systems are being shaken, and relying solely on them for our financial wellbeing is notwise. Financial Firestorm: De-Dollarization, Insolvent Banks and High Debt Inflation: a.) De-Dollarization: BRICS nations are beginning to roll out the first phase which involves bilateral trading in local currencies, sidestepping the dollar. This will accelerate with the joining of Saudi Arabia and UAE in January 2024 and oil being traded outside the dollar. The second phase will eventually introduce a gold-backed currency to challenge the Dollar’s dominance on the world stage. b.) Insolvent Banks : We are a fossil fuel energy driven society. Russia and OPEC+ plan to cut oil production which will increase oil prices in the US and Europe. This will cause the Federal Reserve to hike interest rates again. Rate hikes will further lower the value of insolvent bonds held by banks. Coupled with increasing defaults on commercial real estate and corporate loans, this scenario puts the banks at risk of bankruptcy. c.) National Debt and High Inflation: The huge US national debt nears $33 trillion compounded by high inflation (10-15%) contributes significantly to the financial storm. It's not a question of "if'', but "when" this storm will sweep away not only your bank savings but your retirement dreams as well. Tangible assets like gold and silver are pure wealth and they have no counterparty risk and no one else's liability.The old saying, "If you don't hold it, you don't own it" rings truer than ever. It's time to rethink your financial strategy. Do you want to keep your assets tied to a chaotic financial climate and depreciating dollars, or invest in the privacy, preservation and protection of physical gold and silver? They are the only safe havens in this financial storm, and it's a good idea to invest before it's too late. Your privacy, preservation, and protection is quite literally in your own hands.

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