The powers extend further. Banks, armed with programmable cash, can trap you into spending with penalties or negative interest rates, pushing you away from saving and into financial uncertainty.

The horror story takes a darker turn with FEDCOINS allowing extreme measures, like direct confiscation of your digital cash and mandatory taxes on every transaction. Every friendly loan or yard sale item would be taxed—a financial horror show. So, as the government ushers in FEDCOINS, beware the abyss of losing privacy, limited choices, and the looming dangers of your money spiraling into the unknown. In this report, Money in the Matrix - “FEDCOIN Unveiled: Navigating the Dark Abyss with a Gold and Silver Light” we expose the top 10 negative impacts and threats to privacy preservation and protection. The report reveals the reasons for owning physical gold and silver as protection from far-reaching control, the fed coin, and digital ID. 1. **Total Transaction Surveillance:** *Concern:* Digital currencies under central control allow continuous monitoring of transactions, compromising financial privacy. *Preservation:* Opting for physical gold and silver transactions ensures private dealings, shielding your financial activities from constant surveillance. Your wealth remains private and secure. 2. **Arbitrary Transaction Denial:** *Concern:* Authorities might arbitrarily reject transactions based on subjective criteria, limiting financial choices and affecting livelihoods. *Preservation:* Ownership of physical gold and silver eliminates the risk of arbitrary transaction denial, ensuring freedom in financial decisions. Your transactions are yours to make without external interference. 3. **Financial Blacklisting:** *Concern:* Users face the risk of being blacklisted based on spending habits or perceived non-compliance with government policies. *Preservation:* Physical gold and silver transactions are immune to financial blacklisting, ensuring access to wealth without the risk of exclusion. Your financial choices won't subject you to exclusion.

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