9. **Political Influence on Finances:** *Concern:* Digital currencies may become tools for enforcing political conformity, with authorities using financial control to influence citizens. *Preservation:* Precious metals offer protection against political influence, providing financial security independently of political agendas. Your financial decisions are free from external political pressures. 10. **CBDCs and Taxes:** *Concern:* Digital Currencies could enable automatic tax deductions on every transaction leading to financial surveillance. *Preservation:* Owning g physical gold and silver allows financial privacy, safeguarding against intrusive tax measures associated with a CBDC. “Beware the digital unknown; it may be a deliberately orchestrated crisis as hinted by the World Economic Forum “By 2030, you will own nothing and be happy”– navigate wisely with this report, deepen your understanding, and make informed choices.” In the face of a potential Central Bank Digital Currency, it's crucial to be proactive, not reactive. Secure your financial fortress with the timeless power of gold and silver. Let their light guide your choices and protect your freedom. Act now to shape a future where you navigate uncertainties with strength and insight."

There has been a massive move towards a central bank digital currency: Monica Crowley | Fox Business Video:

The Risks of CBDCs | Cato Institute

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