10 Reasons To Buy SILVER 1) Silver is money. Physical silver is one of the best forms of long term wealth protection. 2) Silver is a tangible asset Physical silver can’t be hacked or erased like paper assets. 3) Silver has no counterparty risk. Physical silver will never go bankrupt or broke. Physical silver will never default on promises or obligations. 4) Silver is private and confidential. If you want a private or confidential form of wealth, silver is one of few assets that can offer privacy. Pre1933 US Silver coins have no 1099-B or Social Security number when selling.

7) Silver can protect against government intrusion. Silver can provide both financial preservation and protection from government infringement. Long-term use as money. A scan of monetary history shows that silver has been used in coinage more often than gold. 8) Silver protects against a financial crisis. In a world of elevated risks from every direction, silver offers lower risk, greater safety, and bigger upside than any other investment against financial crisis or recessions. 9) New Silver Supply is falling and Industrial use is growing. The explanation for the drop is that about two-thirds of silver mine supply comes as a byproduct from base metal operations (copper and zinc, for example). But these miners have also spent less on mine development. This has set the stage for a peak in silver supply. 10) World demand is growing. Despite the effect of the global pandemic, global demand for silver is growing. Virtually all major government mints have seen record levels of sales, with most already operating at peak production.

5) Silver is cheap. Silver is cheaper to buy and can

be more practical to sell. 6) Silver outperforms gold in bull markets.

From 1970-1980: Silver went up 3,105% to Gold 2,328%. From 2008-2011: Silver went up 448% to Gold 166%

“Silver requires no specialized knowledge, skills or expertise to buy.”

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