The Benefits of Placing Precious Metals in an IRA During Economic Chaos, Inflation and Dedollarization

1. Preservation of Your Wealth: Precious metals, such as gold and silver, have been considered stores of value for centuries. During times of economic chaos and high inflation, the value of stocks, bonds and fiat currencies can rapidly decline. In such scenarios, gold & silver have historically shown resilience and can act as a store of value, preserving your wealth. 2. Currency Diversification: As the value of the dollar declines during dedollarization, having precious metals in your IRA helps diversify your holdings outside of traditional fiat currencies. Precious metals, such as gold, can act as an alternative currency and retain their value as other currencies weaken, helping to preserve your wealth in the face of changing global economic dynamics. 3. Safe-Haven Investment: During times of economic chaos, geopolitical tension, or market instability, investors often seek safe-haven investments. Precious metals, particularly gold, have historically been regarded as a safe-haven asset. They are perceived as a tangible and scarce asset that retains value even in uncertain times. By holding precious metals in an IRA, you have a designated portion of your retirement savings allocated to a safe-haven asset that can potentially withstand economic turmoil. 4. Potential for Growth: While the primary purpose of holding precious metals in an IRA during economic chaos and high inflation is wealth preservation, they also have the potential for long-term growth. As global uncertainties and dedollarization deepen the demand for gold & silver increases and due to limited supply, the physical gold & silver market value can rise significantly. 5. Protection Against Counterparty Risk: Holding physical metals in your IRA eliminates counterparty risk, which refers to the risk of a financial institution or other party defaulting on their obligations. With physical metals in your possession or stored in a secure depository, you maintain direct ownership and control, reducing the exposure to counterparty risks associated with other investment vehicles.

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