1.**De-dollarization**: Dedollarization, as countries reduce their reliance on the US dollar and dump billions US Treasuries, will lead to the dollar's devaluation. This happens because there is less global demand for the dollar, which in turn, will lead to inflation in the United States. As the dollar loses value, your bank and retirement accounts decrease in worth, while the cost of imported goods rises, leading to higher prices in the United States. Physical gold and silver serve as safeguards by preserving your wealth's value, acting as a hedge against currency devaluation, and providing financial privacy during these notable currency shifts and inflationary periods. 2. **High Inflation**: When inflation erodes the purchasing power of your bank and retirement accounts, it can limit your ability to purchase everyday items. It also negatively impacts banks by devaluing loans on their balance sheets, increasing the risk of loan defaults. Additionally, if banks struggle to offer competitive deposit rates, it will cause a surge in bank deposit withdrawals and increase the risk of a potential bank collapse. During inflationary periods, physical gold and silver have a track record of preserving their value, making them effective hedges against currency devaluation. By holding these precious metals, you not only protect your wealth from losing value but also have tangible assets that will appreciate in value during inflationary periods. This dual benefit helps preserve your purchasing power and overall financial security. 3. **$35 Trillion National Debt**: A $35 trillion national debt with $1 trillion added every 100 days and $8.9 trillion in soon-to-mature US public debt this year will impact your bank and retirement accounts as well as the stability of banks. The US government will have to find new buyers of government debt at a much higher interest rate. This will lead to market turmoil, economic instability, and currency devaluation, eroding the value of your savings and investments. Physical gold and silver are immune to interest rate fluctuations and government debt concerns. They offer a private and tangible means to preserve wealth when interest earnings on bank accounts diminish. 4. **Insolvent Bonds**: An insolvent bond, including US Treasuries, is like a loan that might not be paid back. Interest rates have jumped leaving bonds to lose nearly 50% of their face value! This will lead to a bank crisis or collapse. There is currently over $800 billion dollars of insolvent bonds on the bank's balance sheets! If your retirement account includes these bonds, their declining value will result in significant losses within your portfolio. Gold and silver protect your wealth from the devaluation of bonds and offer financial privacy by not relying on traditional investments that will be at risk during a banking crisis.

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