4. **Control Over Spending Habits:** *Concern:* Centralized digital currencies enable authorities to monitor and control spending habits, influencing personal choices. *Preservation:* Precious metals provide financial autonomy, offering independence from external control over spending habits and lifestyle choices. Your spending remains personal and beyond external influence. 5. **Asset Seizure:** *Concern:* Governments could seize or freeze digital assets in legal disputes or financial non-compliance, leaving individuals without access to their wealth. *Preservation:* Physical gold and silver ownership protects against asset seizure, ensuring the security and accessibility of your wealth. Your assets remain in your control. 6. **Manipulation of Interest Rates:** *Concern:* Centralized digital currencies grant authorities the power to manipulate interest rates, impacting savings and retirement accounts. *Preservation:* Precious metals act as a hedge against interest rate manipulation, preserving wealth independently of central bank policies. Your savings remain secure from external manipulation. 7. **Inflation Erosion:** *Concern:* Rapid issuance of digital currency may contribute to inflation, eroding the purchasing power of savings and negatively affecting retirement plans. *Preservation:* Precious metals historically hedge against inflation, providing a reliable store of value and preserving purchasing power. Your wealth is protected from the eroding effects of inflation. 8. **Cyberattacks:** *Concern:* The vast data generated by digital transactions creates opportunities for cyberattacks, leading to identity theft and financial fraud. *Preservation:* Physical gold & silver transactions involve no digital data, eliminating the risk of cyberattacks. Your financial information remains safe and uncompromised.

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